If ever I would make a film about “Ptitebitd au Pays de Dawa”, I would probably call it “Document n°605”. I organize on this page my storyboard for the cartoons and the movie “Document n°605”. The movie is an exercise where I start from having absolutely no knowledge at all on the way to make a movie, but along my journey drawing my cartoons, I am going to script a story and draw the storyboard. I might also record myself acting while I write and read, as a way to externalize the emotions that I would like to translate. Those emotions will be the inspiration for my artwork, drawing, painting, modeling, sewing and making photography.

Just now, the channel is empty so I uploaded a montage I made several years ago to learn video edition from different sources and different formats. It is very basic, but it marks my beginning. I hope to see my progress all along the journey.

To learn scripting, I am taking the class of Julio Rojas. I am also taking the class of Laura Varsky on professional illustration. I like her approach to define an artistic profile. Domestika is a resource where I am registered to many classes, and I love the creativity from South America, the dynamism and the inspiration. To learn drawing storyboards, I am using “The Art of the Storyboard, Storyboarding for Film, TV and Animation” by John Hart. This project will be my continuous exercise from where I might be able to take some jobs with the movie industry. I am planning also to use OpenToonz in order to test my ideas and here also, to continue learning. I hope that my amateurism can help define my style and find an artistic identity where film makers will be inspired to hire me. I know that only hard work can make me “lucky”, but I definitely want to try to make my art a livelihood.

Along the many exercises I would like to do, I would like to analyse and comment old classic films. While I was a kid, at school, our French teacher had created a “movie studio” where we would sit once a week and watch a film together, then he would give us a lecture of the film, the dialogues, the images, the light, the foreground and the background. He has helped develop a culture where movies are now part of my favorite hobbies. I have Youtube Premiere which I listen all day when I draw and I alternate classic French and American movies. There are some films I have watched thousand times non stop, always the same film, again and again, like kids with their favorite music. I would like to list here my favorite movies, have something in record from where I can relate when writing my own script. I would like to take the time to write down why I like the movies, my favorite passage, my favorite quote, my favorite picture.

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