November 2021

Why the United-States ?

I discovered a Youtube Channel recently called Thinkerview which I really, really like. I wanted to comment several videos. I started the draft of several posts and got too emotional. At the same time, I am working on 3 different art projects and really much prefer doing my things while the weather is still warm….Read more

Les enseignements de Saint Louis

I was baptized in the Saint Louis Cathedral of La Rochelle and when I look back over my shoulder, my past may have been driven by this king, Saint Louis, a model of Justice. I though that some abstracts here could be welcome. The original text in French was taken here, and I translated with…Read more


Last night, I had a dream and I am not even sure if it was a dream. I usually don’t dream or I have this wonderful gift of not remembering any dream since summer 2018. Last night, I woke up briefly in the middle of the night, I told myself “croyance” and felt asleep again….Read more

Is France still bankable?

I think I arrived to the end of the story I wanted to expose before drawing, and I am not even sure I really want to cartoon. I made few sketches which would more or less be large watercolors and I have put the context where they will come, my life experience, my emotions, my…Read more

Communism is capitalism

Communism is a phenomenon of the XXth century after centuries of tyrant monarchies, aristocratic elites, bourgeois arrogance, colonial armies and political blindness over the sufferance of the vulnerable and “dependent” as described in my previous post, but communism was also a momentum, a revolutionary idea that emerged from sufferance, not from reason, experience and knowledge….Read more