Is France still bankable?

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I think I arrived to the end of the story I wanted to expose before drawing, and I am not even sure I really want to cartoon. I made few sketches which would more or less be large watercolors and I have put the context where they will come, my life experience, my emotions, my questions… if still any. When you put France in the context of Europe, its deindustrialization, its ultra militarization, its political chaos, and its history, there is not much left to mystery. I wanted to understand why I came under attack in France and why my work was destroyed by French politicians. I come to a conclusion that everything is about land, the capital of land in competition with the capital of money.

The rise of communism came with the rise of industrial powers and with them, the power of finance. When we put into context the rivalries between the Catholic church, how the Roman Empire dominated Europe, how the Jews flirted with international powers with gemstones, jewels and a very large network of miners to stock capital in gold and diamonds, and lend money to businesses, armies, states, we see two world competing since the Ancient ages of humanity, the world of settlers and the world of nomads, the world of farmers and the world of merchants, the world of land owners and the world of clans, people who do not define themselves by their land but rather their lineage. European aristocracies have developed their authorities on both world, by administering the land, but not being related by blood to the people, they developed a lineage through their religious networks, the Graal of Ravenna.

One European family emerged from the Jewish ghettos, gaining power through its investments in the new emerging industries and the detachment of this family to the land or to the ruling class of Christians may have shaped what later became proletariat with the industries. Through the name of Rothschild, the red coat of arms may have travelled as far as China to detach people from their lands and distract them in the making of a collective utopia, that red blason with a sun.

The potential role of the Rothschild in the colonial utopia of communism leaves me with this question: is France still bankable? As we have seen with my story, then the brief history of Russia and China, the development of farming land into an industry of “forest gardening” created a disturbance not only for local politics, but also for foreign powers and for a certain ideology which banks or not banks. Precisely, this ideology only banks on few large industrial projects. This ideology is typically oriented and it is drawn by and for speculation.

Of course, the Rothschild did not work alone, but creating debt in European countries, the politics have run to pay the debt into an endless cycle of debt dependencies. The financial system we have today, inherits from the debts of the revolutions.

China industrialized with the same money that built Manhattan and the French railway. Industrialization reduced the elite to a very small class of very rich investors and this elite scarcely counts entrepreneurs, inventors and engineers. Just watching at the airport of COP26 in Glasgow, we have a glance of the elite. 400 planes on an airport are the elites, it is not even the size of an airport filled with people, not even a football field filled with people, but massive planes sitting there like a caravan of nomads who gather to visit an oasis, and the oasis is the capital, the Earth, the Moon, Mars, people, national and aliens, displaced, desperate and starving. While we count how many trees we have left, they already sky rocket the media. Of course, next crisis will be tamed with a global flash war on China, just the time to restock the nukes with new financial bonds.

The new order, a little bit like Howard Hugues in his time, is invisible, untraceable, being nowhere and everywhere at once, making decisions on all and everything but being responsible for nothing. They call it development. The military turmoil with China is just a noise to make Chinese believe that they are strong, make them believe that they have reached a point, make them believe that we are scared, while the reality is, China is far behind and while it buys luxury jewels, weapons and nukes, the West is happy, business is on the rock. Buying luxury handbags and weapons, the treasure is left in debt with no money for the people. Farmers can warm their feet in hot water, climate change won’t make them richer, but they won’t die from cold.

The global war on farmers is a war against the good sense of thousands years of knowledge and in France, this war is particularly damaging because the amount of knowledge gathered on the field by people who pass their experience from one generation to another is something that books will never teach. France has a tremendous advance of knowledge on forestry and this knowledge is sacrificed to finance. This is just not acceptable in the economical, social and technological context of today. Where France could do good to this planet, the politics have chosen to reduce forestry employments, privatise the control of forestry, accelerate production, reduce biodiversity, and reduce the French industry on forestry which is sold off to China and energy giants such Dalkia and EDF to burn wood into energy. When will this absurdity stop?

Forest gardens are a form of capitalism where a good gestion produce no debt. Forest gardens are an investment where time plays for profits and when we bring the technologies, the logistics, the financial mechanisms to create products, especially with new construction technologies, it is a crime from the governments to silence innovation. When the government goes at war against its people and their businesses, there shall be an authority to limit the power taken outrageously by the politics. In the context of climate change, this political war makes it a crime against humanity, threatening the health, the wealth and the stability of the people and it is lacking the role model from Old West to sit among the nations. I wrote my story to condemn France and I will draw to resist. While I have no hope, I pray to resist hard enough for nature to regain its rights.

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