Letter to the Generals of France

This letter is written in a context where French Generals and military personnels have already written three letters published in National newspapers. You can read those letters here: Letter 1 of April 21, 2121 at 7AM Response from Gendarmerie of April 27, 2021 Letter 2 of Mai 9, 2021 at 9:40PM Chronology of Yellow Jackets…Read more

French Secret Services

Following my post on about “Les Branquignols“, I wanted to document the history of French Secret Services in order to verify my intuition, that France was infiltrated by a mafia. My first investigations in 2015 were mostly directed at connecting the dots to understand the reason why I suddenly and brutally came into troubles in…Read more


I made yesterday a second lecture of the Senate document n°605 and I have established my workplan. The following is the name of the cartoon, the page I am illustrating, a citation from this page and additional references such as maps and graphs. The citation is translated into English with Google Translate. I also explain…Read more