October 2021

Ecosystems and biodiversity

While updating the “Letter to the Generals of France“, some videos exacerbated me. I can only see how deeply damaged France is and sadly, this is not new. There is a class system in France which is deeply rooted in the culture and it is difficult to dissociate this class system from the history of…Read more


Some day in autumn 1990, I heard somebody knocking at the door. When I opened a man was there with a police card asking if he could come in. He was alone. I remember the weather was quite warm and I apologized not having a beer, but I could make him some coffee. He took…Read more

Is France a war criminal?

Yesterday, I don’t remember exactly how, I found the book of Gregory Daho on “La transformation des armées” and one question emerged while seeing the cover picture: “is it legal for military personnel to hide as civilian?”. After some research, I found that no, it is not legal and the rules do not really vary…Read more

Letter to the Generals of France

This letter is written in a context where French Generals and military personnels have already written three letters published in National newspapers. You can read those letters here: Letter 1 of April 21, 2121 at 7AM Response from Gendarmerie of April 27, 2021 Letter 2 of Mai 9, 2021 at 9:40PM Chronology of Yellow Jackets…Read more

French Resistance

Some day around winter 1987, I was emptying the attic of a house in Tours (France). An old lady selling her house to go in a retirement home gave all the stuff in the attic to her niece, and the niece gave part of it to me. In a box, I found a bunch of…Read more

French Secret Services

Following my post on about “Les Branquignols“, I wanted to document the history of French Secret Services in order to verify my intuition, that France was infiltrated by a mafia. My first investigations in 2015 were mostly directed at connecting the dots to understand the reason why I suddenly and brutally came into troubles in…Read more

Server went down

From 6:11PM yesterday to 7.23PM today, the server went down. My IP was blocked by the server and you would wonder, who, why, etc… Who ever does not really matter. I was writing the workplan and just finished the chapter “Drowning the Fish“. The server went down when trying to download the two ECODEF documents….Read more


I made yesterday a second lecture of the Senate document n°605 and I have established my workplan. The following is the name of the cartoon, the page I am illustrating, a citation from this page and additional references such as maps and graphs. The citation is translated into English with Google Translate. I also explain…Read more

Les Branquignols

I called my mother last night and the first thing she told me: “did you see what the Americans did to us” (mentioning the AUKUS deal). I responded that there is nobody else to blame than France and let me explain it to you, because this is also my story. In October 2013, I attended a work…Read more

Cartoons are back

“Cartoons are back“, that’s how I officially made the announcement for the creation of this website. There is no need to say again what I already said on Patreon, except that I welcome you here. This website will progressively grow as I develop the story and I plan on making one drawing a day. The…Read more