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I called my mother last night and the first thing she told me: “did you see what the Americans did to us” (mentioning the AUKUS deal). I responded that there is nobody else to blame than France and let me explain it to you, because this is also my story.

In October 2013, I attended a work group organized by the Embassy of Indonesia in Paris with the participation of the Indonesian Minister of Industry. Few French companies were represented, among them Eiffage. I was almost nobody in the very small crowd and there were so very few women that they probably though I was a secretary. The work group lasted full day during which we had coffee breaks and lunch. During a morning coffee break, the Indonesian Minister of Industry came to talk with almost everybody and again, we were only few. I explained that I had patented a technology inspired from the traditional carpentry of the Batak people of Indonesia and I was hopping to participate a project for the construction of a restaurant on the Indonesian freeway, a project that I would be able to use as a prototype for the commercial development of the technology.

That was about it, but later during the meeting, the Indonesian Minister of Industry woke up from his chair while somebody else was talking and he came to me with a book to show me something. I speak Indonesian (or used to speak) and of course, I was the only French person to speak Indonesian, but those other French guys in costume probably though that I might have known something very important. Few days later, the project manager of Eiffage contacted me to ask me consultancy.

At this time, I was living in the countryside so I drove all the way to Paris hopping for my prototype and instead, he asked me to make a proposal for a project in Indonesia where Eiffage wanted to make a bid for the ERAMET mining company. Eiffage was in competition with Vinci and they needed something really special. Eiffage had bet on sustainability, green construction, protection of the environment… Everything where ERAMET had strong communication to hide the reality. And the reality was sad, because ERAMET was shaving 3 mountains from their trees, destroying wildlife, displacing people and not really shaving, they were crushing everything with bulldozers.

I made the draft of a proposal according to the directions provided by Eiffage (I am turning this proposal into a class on affordable housing). Eiffage needed to build a city of 6,000 housing units and I designed the draft of a city to have 6,000 Indonesian workers along with engineers and expatriates. Eiffage did not win the bid and instead, ERAMET changed its strategies.

François Holland has been the President of France from May 15, 2012 to May 14, 2017. France holds 25.57% of the capital of ERAMET and 30.44% of votes in ERAMET. There are absolutely no decisions that ERAMET can make without the French government.

  • On March 29, 2017, former President François Holland was visiting Indonesia.
  • On May 14, 2017, President Emmanuel MACRON took office as the new President of France.
  • On May 23, 2017, Ms Christel Bories was appointed Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of ERAMET. “As the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and Member of the Executive Board of Eramet SA, the total compensation of Christel Bories at Eramet SA is $1,781,340. There are no executives at Eramet SA getting paid more.” In comparison, the son of former politician Patrick Devedjian, Thomas Devedjian, is making $783,889/year as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer in Charge of Finance and Digital Transformation, Member of the Executive Board of ERAMET.
  • On June 9, 2017, the Chinese company Tsingshan took 57% ownership of the Weda Bay Nickel plant which is the biggest plant of Nickel in the world. ERAMET has lost the control of the plant with the French government approval.

Let me put it with other words. While all the car industries around the world are developing Electric Vehicles, while all solar installations of the world need batteries, while all electronics do need batteries for which all those industries need nickel, France, who had an exclusive concession with Indonesia on the Halmahera plant, the biggest plant of the world, has decided to give 57% of this treasure to China, all this, in the very same time as presidential election.

On the previous election of 2012, on May 11 precisely, I had 3 important calls the same day. First call from the President of the Institute of Carpentry in Angers to provide a carpentry manager in my startup. I discovered later that this carpenter, Christophe Ranchon-Ginoux, was the son of the former chef of President Omar Bongo in Gabon. Next in the afternoon, my bank called to grant me a loan of $80,000 with only security on my car. Next was the gendarmerie to tell me that my father had died in a car accident and that my mother was in hospital. The accident was on May 11, 2012. President Holland arrived in office on May 15, 2012. On March 21, 2012, a bomb exploded in front of the Indonesian Embassy in Paris.

Few days before the accident of my parents, in April 28, 2012, Alain Juillet was in the city of Tours where my parents used to live in order to create the GLAMF, a new freemasonry lodge. Alain Juillet is with Jean-Pierre RaffarinJacques Foccart and Jacques Chirac the architect of a new form of intelligence (secret services) where the government is turned into a political mafia. Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former Prime Minister of France, is the “Mister China of France” while Jacques Foccart is the “Mister Africa“. Alain Juillet is now working with the Russian chanel RT Media in France. All four men have developed together a strategy, where to compose with French syndicates (such CGT, the syndicate of government employees), and the French communist party, China would play their proxy old colonial game:

  • China alleviates the charge on French labor (less work, more pay).
  • China makes a lot of goods accessible for cheap.
  • The working class can work minium hours and days while still satisfying the consumers.
  • China buys woods and luxury products in France.
  • China buys the political influence of France toward European countries in exchange of nuclear contracts between China and EDF, or its subsidiaries (read my post about EDF).

On June 2, 2012, a couple of weeks after the accident of my parents, Jean-Pierre Raffarin was finishing the financing of the project of Pressac in his home country (and the home country of my father’s family), for the construction of a mega off grid project paid with the government’s money and Dalkia, a subsidiary of AREVA (nuclear plants). The Pressac project was consisting of floating wooden cabins very similar to a project I had presented in Reims earlier in 2011… And you would wonder, why a company such Dalkia would have interest in putting money on a boy scouts camp which is not even connected to the grid? Let’s say, they may have some arrangements with China.

Before I explain the very nature of those arrangements, I would like to finish with the timeline of events. On August 31, 1997, I was rushing to move house from Tours to a very small village called Beaumont-du Gâtinais about 90 km South of Paris. I took a break this morning of August 31 and I switched the TV on to discover that Lady Diana had died in a car accident in Paris. Very sadly, I will always have this date in my mind. After I moved house, I contacted my former teacher and mentor, Professor Denys Lombard. He gave me an appointment on the Saint Day of “Bienvenue” (Saint Welcome). Pr Denys Lombard was a sinologue and an indonesianist. He was the first person to ever write a book about Aceh and the Sultanate of Iskandar Muda. Some people in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand believe that Iskandar Muda was a parent of Alexander the Great and of course, this has many levels of strategical importance, which I will explain later.

One week before my meeting with Pr Denys Lombard, his assistant called me to tell me that Mr Lombard had been brought to hospital for a sudden pulmonary illness. He died on January 8, 1998. In March 1998, the UNESCO was contacting my parents to publish my work about Indonesia and in August 1998, the UNESCO had pirated my work to kill me as an author. They did not make a contract, they changed my name, they mutilated my work from book II, and they made 25,000 copies distributed around the world in countries who partner with the UNESCO.

To not drown into depression, I have continued my research and started from a letter I had sent to Pr Denys Lombard regarding a carpentry poem from XVIth century China. It became 300 pages of text and drawings which I publish on my blog. I met Jean-Philippe Lauer regarding this work. He died 2 weeks later and at this time, in my life, many things did happen. The stove I bought after moving to Beaumont-du-Gâtinais took fire. I had to change for a brand new one. The door of the oven exploded in shrapnel. The electricity of the house was blinking, and I almost electrocuted myself several times. Someone drove toward me on the road pushing me to barrel roll off the road. I was given a brand new car that was destroyed during the night by somebody who broke the windshield with a screw driver and scratched all the paint. It was also the beginning of frivolous juridical affairs where I would spend time, money and energy being attacked constantly. Lastly, on December 26, 1999, a huge hurricane ravaged all of France. I was cut on a hand while shutting a window and my blood was thick and black. I have learnt later that arsenic can make the blood so dark. Just before that, I have had two food intoxications. One of them lasted for 8 months.

I have battled against UNESCO to only learn that they had juridical immunity. The woman who managed the piracy of my work was a politician and when I asked the UNESCO why they pirated my work, they answered that it was “politic”. The woman in charge of the piracy was Geneviève DOMENACH-CHICH, a former ambassador of UNESCO in China and the wife of Jean-Luc Domenach a sinologue and politician. Her daughter, Muriel Domenach-Chich was the ambassador of France in Turkey. She is now the ambassador of France in NATO. The family of Geneviève Domenach-Chich is full of journalists and anchors in national public medias.

Years earlier the piracy of my work by the UNESCO, I was graduating in architecture. I passed my graduation on June 12, 1995. Two weeks later, while I was having a coffee next to the Library of the Musée de L’Homme in Paris, some people came to me and said repeatedly “we will kill you, this has to end“. I though they were rehearsing a play and although they scared me, I tried to not focus on that. A week later, it happened again and the chance that different people would rehearse the same play to scare me were scarce. I knew then that something was happening. In July 1995, I was taking the metro with a friend. We were planning her trip to Czechoslovakia and we were heading to Boulevard St Germain to buy the Stabat Matter from Pergolezi (one of my favorite music). We entered the metro and last minute, we decided to exit the metro because this day was so sunny that we decided we could walk. The metro exploded few minutes later for us to only discover people in blood behind the grey smoke.

It took me years to tell my story because at first, I though that something was wrong with me, or that maybe, I done something wrong. I was drowning into paranoia or at least the fear of paranoia. I though “this is true“, “no, it cannot be true“, “why me?” until the UNESCO pirated me. That was the proof that something was really going on and I could prove it, but my family then started to ostracize me. I lost friends while battling to survive and while Jean-Pierre Raffarin was building the Pressac project in the hometown of my father’s family, I got more and more isolated.

When I arrived in the US, I was like a zombie having been through so many ups and downs. I had the “now acknowledged Havana Syndrome” with very intense headaches, vomiting, high blood pressure, my eyes hurting as if the eye balls would pop out my head. Now I see all blur. It took three years to not have any more nightmares and I am still on a battling mode. I have lost my house, a three story house with two warehouses where I had my art studio. I have lost my belongings, little things that kept me going having hope. I have lost my books, my dog, my furniture, things I used to love as a way to still exist. I arrived in the US with 6 luggage’s and from there, I started over with no more graduation, no job, nothing. No more rights to vote and the fear of deportation. I live now in a converted school bus which I call home, but my future is fragile. I changed my name to Eima BLANK. Eima was the name of my dog and BLANK… you got the picture.

I though I would only survive 4 months in the US because somebody had threatened to kill me 3 days before my departure and weeks earlier in December 5, 2014, I had contacted Charlie Hebdo in Paris to send my work on forestry, a “Manifeste Pour La Filière Bois“. On January 7, 2015, Charlie Hebdo was under attack by “Islamic terrorists”. Twelve people were shot dead and among them, Cabu, somebody who used to draw on children’s chanel when I was kid. Another mentor gone with the wind of this bloodiest political mafia.

When I wrote to the USCIS in April 2015, I was exhausted, disoriented and shocked that me, a French girl, I would have to ask for asylum. I did not plan for it. It is only after telling my story to an immigration clerk that she recommended to apply for asylum because all other options were too fragile to be able to protect me. Still, my immigration status left me fragile also, at least in my mind, because I have now to demonstrate something which is difficult to explain. My letter to the USCIS was confused but during the 6 years I spent in the US, I have worked on bringing more clarity. I have journaled, I have investigated and I have researched the truth behind my story. I have come to understand how a political mafia has taken control of France.

Now let me explain what is a political mafia. The term mafia comes from Sicily on the Southern part of Italy. “Because Sicily was once an Islamic emirate from 831 to 1072, mafia may have come to Sicilian through Arabic“. While it is generally used to describe the Italian mafia from Sicily, the term mafia has travelled to Russia, Japan or even the United-States to describe local organized crime. In France, we call it Le Milieu.

The best way to explain how France became a political mafia is probably through the words of Marshal Pétain, in “L’Ordre Nouveau” (The New Order):

The new order is a French necessity. We will have, tragically, to achieve in defeat the revolution that, in victory, in peace, in the voluntary understanding of equal peoples, we have not even been able to conceive. [ …] It will maintain the legacies of its Greek and Latin culture and their influence in the world. […] It will restore true nationalism, one which, renouncing to focus on itself, surpasses itself to achieve international collaboration. France is ready to seek this collaboration in all fields, with all its neighbors. She also knows that, whatever the political map of Europe and the world, the problem of French relations -Germans, so criminally treated in the past, will continue to determine its future. Without doubt, Germany can, after its victory over our arms, choose between a traditional peace of oppression and a whole new peace of collaboration . […] Regime nouveau will be a social hierarchy. It will no longer be based on the false idea of the natural equality of men, but on the necessary idea of equality of “chances” given to all French people to prove their aptitude to “serve“. Only work and talent will become the foundation of the French hierarchy. No unfavorable prejudice will affect a Frenchman because of his social origins, on the sole condition that he integrates into the new France and that he brings him unreserved assistance. The class struggle, fatal to the nation, can only be made to disappear by eliminating the causes which formed these classes, which set them against each other. Thus will be reborn the real elites that the past regime took years to destroy and which will constitute the frameworks necessary for the development of the well-being and dignity of all. […] Authority is necessary to safeguard the freedom of the State, guarantee of individual freedoms, in the face of coalitions of particular interests. A people is no longer free, in spite of its ballots, as soon as the government which it has freely brought to power becomes the prisoner of its coalitions. […] The hierarchical character of the new regime is inseparable from its social character. […] Two essential principles will guide us: the economy must be organized and controlledState coordination of private activities must break the power of the trusts and their power of corruption. Far from restraining individual initiative, the economy must free it from its current shackles by subordinating it to the national interest. […] Such a system implies a double control: on the international level, control of the foreign trade and the exchanges to subordinate to the national necessities the use of the currency signs on the foreign markets; domestically, vigilant control of consumption and prices, in order to control the purchasing power of money, prevent excessive spending and bring more justice in the distribution of products. “

Original text in French:

L’ordre nouveau est une nécessité française. Nous devrons, tragiquement, réaliser dans la défaite la révolution que, dans la victoire, dans la paix, dans l’entente volontaire de peuples égaux, nous n’avons même pas su concevoir. […] Il maintiendra les héritages de sa culture grecque et latine et leur rayonnement dans le monde. […] Il remettra en honneur le véritable nationalisme, celui qui, renonçant à se concentrer sur lui-même, se dépasse pour atteindre la collaboration internationale. Cette collaboration, la France est prête à la rechercher dans tous les domaines, avec tous ses voisins. Elle sait d’ailleurs que, quelle que soit la carte politique de l’Europe et du monde, le problème des rapports franco-allemands, si criminellement traité dans le passé, continuera de déterminer son avenir. Sans doute, l’Allemagne peut-elle, au lendemain de sa victoire sur nos armes, choisir entre une paix traditionnelle d’oppression et une paix toute nouvelle de collaboration. […] Le régime nouveau sera une hiérarchie sociale. Il ne reposera plus sur l’idée fausse de l’égalité naturelle des hommes, mais sur l’idée nécessaire de l’égalité des « chances » données à tous les Français de prouver leur aptitude à « servir Â». Seuls le travail et le talent deviendront le fondement de la hiérarchie française. Aucun préjugé défavorable n’atteindra un Français du fait de ses origines sociales, à la seule condition qu’il s’intègre dans la France nouvelle et qu’il lui apporte un concours sans réserve. On ne peut faire disparaître la lutte des classes, fatale à la nation, qu’en faisant disparaître les causes qui ont formé ces classes, qui les ont dressées les unes contre les autres. Ainsi renaîtront les Ã©lites véritables que le régime passé a mis des années à détruire et qui constitueront les cadres nécessaires au développement du bien-être et de la dignité de tous. […] L’autorité est nécessaire pour sauvegarder la liberté de l’État, garantie des libertés individuelles, en face des coalitions d’intérêts particuliers. Un peuple n’est plus libre, en dépit de ses bulletins de vote, dès que le gouvernement qu’il a librement porté au pouvoir devient le prisonnier de ses coalitions. […] Le caractère hiérarchique du nouveau régime est inséparable de son caractère social. […] Deux principes essentiels nous guideront : l’économie doit être organisée et contrôlée. La coordination par l’État des activités privées doit briser la puissance des trusts et leur pouvoir de corruption. Bien loin donc de brider l’initiative individuelle, l’économie doit la libérer de ses entraves actuelles en la subordonnant à l’intérêt national. […] Un tel système implique un double contrôle : sur le plan international, contrôle du commerce extérieur et des changes pour subordonner aux nécessités nationales l’emploi des signes monétaires sur les marchés étrangers ; sur le plan intérieur, contrôle vigilant de la consommation et des prix, afin de maîtriser le pouvoir d’achat de la monnaie, d’empêcher les dépenses excessives et d’apporter plus de justice dans la répartition des produits.

General de Gaulle, who was an aristocrat, has maintained most of Petain’s “Ordre Nouveau” ideas in his definition of power and probably for several reasons:

  • He could not have reached a majority by himself, and had to compose with all kinds of right wings.
  • The Foccart networks were already established in Africa and Marshal Petain preserved them. To keep control on the former colonies, de Gaulle had to work in the continuity of Petain.
  • It is Jacques Foccart who brought de Gaulle in power and also many French people present themselves as “resistant”, the reality is far more complex.

The “Ordre Nouveau” was the foundation of the political mafia with “nationalism“, a “social hierarchy“, “real elites“, the sense of “service” and “unreserved assistance” for the “freedom of the State” and de Gaulle wanted the freedom toward the United-Kingdom and the United-States. To achieve the “freedom of the State“, “the economy must be organized and controlled” and the state coordinates “private activities“, “subordinating it to the national interest“. This “double control” is extended “on the international level” to “control” “foreign trade and the exchanges” and “domestically“, to “control” “consumption and prices“. 

We can see that Marshal Petain’s “Ordre Nouveau” was not far from reaching the communist ideal and after WWII, this ideal has survived in many ways with what France calls its “fleurons”. The Fleurons are nowadays the nuclear industry, military equipment, luxury fashion and food (including wine). The metal industry used to be a fleuron which was traded against a “new social order” that includes Chinese communism to harvest rare earth and provide industrial parts. Prostitution and eroticism are a fleuron of Paris that attracts tourism as much as the Eiffel tower. Linked to the boulevards of brothels are all the clandestine networks of the “organized crime”, Le Milieu.

Now, what makes Marshal Petain’s “Ordre Nouveau” a mafia? The etymology answers for it:

  • ma’afi: the system of taxes,
  • màha : protection to those who comply with the system,
  • mahyas: aggressive boasting, bragging,
  • marfud: swindler,
  • mu’afa: safety and protection for the gang,
  • ma àfir: the name of an Arab tribe that ruled Palermo, the word mafia was then used to refer to the defenders of Palermo.
  • mafyá: meaning a “place of shade”. The word “shade” means refuge or derived from refuge.

In 1801, Napoleon incorporated the Mamluks in the French army and until now few “Muslim slaves” are part of the “Ordre Nouveau” in order to retake control over the territories in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. They open the doors for French companies to sell their Raffales, their submarines, their nuclear plants and their luxury products. They also open the doors for grabbing the lands on rare earth and forests.

At the head of the French government, we find a nebula of companies that Alain Juillet, all by himself very well resume, but next to him are Bouygues, Bolloré, Bazin, etc… people who at some point have less interest for nationalism than they have for themselves and who will use nationalism to reach their personal goals. They are not an aristocracy but a plutocracy of the wealthiest people and this plutocracy has learnt to compose with the communists of France as Napoleon did with the mamluks. They open the belt and roads of China.

Now, if we go back to my story, I will explain why my personal experience shall raise knowledge in many ways. First as a kid, I used to spend my holidays in the castle “Les Ouches” in the city of Melle where later, Segolène Royale became the mayor. She did not live in Melle. She was imported in Melle by the socialist political party because the aristocrats of the castle were involved in politics. The marquis of the castle where I used to spend holidays was a writer who used to make research on the Saint Jacques of Compostella pilgrimage. He worked in the National library. Nothing political so far, but he did not have any children and his heir was his nephew. I used to play with his nephew as a kid and everybody used to say that I would marry him some day, but when he grew up, he became a member of the team of Charles Pasqua.

When I grew up, I became a soldiers’ godmother during the first war in Iraq. I used to draw cartoons and write letters for the troops. I used also to hide wiskey in bottles of syrup and sausages in peanuts bags. Everyday after school, I used to write one letter and draw on one envelop and every day, the headquarters of the French army used to pick up my envelops and pin it on the walls. At some point they made copies and sent them to the troops. It became like the journal of an angry French girl who was mocking Saddam Hussein and was supporting the troops. After the war, I became friend with the colonel who liberated the French Embassy in Kuweit and he later became the General second of the School of War in France.

I was a student in architecture during the war and soon after the end of the war, I started to travel in Indonesia in order to make a research on the architecture of the Batak people. Indonesia was still a military dictatorship and the Batak people happened to be high ranking officials in the army. I was adopted (religious adoption only) by an Indonesian colonel when I arrived in Indonesia in order for my name to protect me. I made my research by drawing traditional houses, collecting information on language, mythology and ethnography. I describe myself as an ethnographer.

I made two trips in Indonesia and during the second trip, I made a model of Batak house that helped to collect information on the woods, local names, the vocabulary of Batak architecture and the techniques of building. Indonesia was offering me a permanent visa and I would have accepted if I could not bring the model of house back to France with me, but the General managed to get my model on a boat en route to Kuala Lumpur. All I had to do was to cross the Malacca Chanel and the Malaysian Airline took everything on board for free. Now the only challenge was to bring the model back from the mountains to Medan which I have managed by hitchhiking. The model is now in the Musée des Confluences in Lyon. I also gave to the museum traditional and primitive tools.

I have loved the Batak people like my own family. I was fascinated to discover a primitive tribe and learn its history and evolution. Sumatra was at the cross roads (or winds I shall say) between China and India, and the Batak people have developed the most ancient scripture of Indonesia from its sanscrit origins. Their architecture is common with the architecture of the Dian period in Yunnan, China, and it had spread all over the Southern seas up to New Guinea. We are talking of a very large area of influence where Japan and China are trying to take the patrimony because who is the “father” has some kind of authority, or shall I say, kinship. With my research, I was making the demonstration that Indonesia had all the resources to take the patrimony because Dongson molds were found in Sumatra. The geography, the kind of woods and the kind of people also made it more accurate that they would travel from Indonesia to China rather than otherwise. I was, in someway, contradicting the patrimony.

After the UNESCO pirated my work, I started over my research with a letter I had written to Pr Denys Lombard before his death and within this letter was a Chinese poem that said:

  • At eight sides a proportion of four to six,
  • Between the double lines, two tenth are contained
  • (The next line) is a three time six from the double lines,
  • And the remainder is divided into three“.

From this letter to Pr Denys Lombard, I demonstrated that this poem was originated from Egypt and I have put the foundations of a wilder research on the history of religions. But religion in France is a real problem and this is another trait which is common with China. France, is nonetheless a secularist country, it is a country that rejects the idea of “God”. Atheism is part of the nationalist discourse as one of its foremost foundation and the rejection of the idea of “God” has many impacts on justice, on social progress and on psychological behavior. By eliminating “God”, the state establishes its sovereignty as a “Welfare-State” and because it defines itself as a welfare-state, with an “Ordre Nouveau“, it has a “Reason of State” and the reason of state is really much that of a mafia.

At Richelieu’s prompting, Jean de Silhon defended the concept of raison d’État as “a mean between what conscience permits and affairs require.”

With “Raison d’Etat“, France has given itself the right to kill and benefit the nebula at the top of its hierarchic system and since 1995, Jacques Chirac has given this nebula more tools and as the definition of “Raison d’Etat” explains, “state interests are the perfect excuse for all political abuses.” One of them is influence peddling. Another form of abuse is crime. Since 1975 in France, political suicides and crimes are numerous but since 1995/2000, politicians are more incline to suicide. In 1994, Yann Piat was murdered what caused an international turmoil. Since Yann Piat’s assassination, Le Milieu, along with the government of Jacques Chirac have changed strategies.

The first strategy of Jacques Chirac was to bring back Jacques Foccart in the Elysée and then, instead of combating the violence of the Foccart Networks, Jacques Chirac legalized them by modifying the structure of the army, the secret services, the police and the juridical system to give more air and more space for illegal activities. He has used influence and intimidations. He has also used the cultural heritage of China to tame the French communist party and build with his Chinese counterpart what now has become the Belt and Road. China did not build it by itself. China needed to influence Europe, and France was the back door of this network of influence where the mafia was in state.

As used to say Pr Denys Lombard, I was in 1995 the only French specialist of Sumatra, the only French person to have actually lived in the villages and documented her work with photography, drawings, a lexicography and deep knowledge of the culture. I was after WWII, one of the very few people to conduct independent research and bring materials in a museum. I was one of the only women to do this kind of work and travel all alone in the biggest Muslim country of the world under a military dictatorship. Among those women who have travelled in this area of the world, I was a scholar with a very strong curriculum. I was the student of Pr Denys Lombard, one among twelve. My roots would presume that I would continue my work and develop a career. My friends and network would presume that I was influential in the sense that important people enjoyed to listen to me and I had a field experience that not much people with as much character may have. I have made 56 jumps under a parachute, I have passed the two most important sky diving degrees within the first 25 jumps and my instructor was the coach of the team of France. I had such energy at 23 years old that I crossed all North Sumatra by myself.

This energy was probably regarded as suspect by those companies who had an eye on Indonesia and outside of Indonesian themselves, only Chinese could have known what was going on. The Chinese in 1995 were the wealthiest people of Indonesia, business and land owners connected to mainland China. Indonesia was still only a project, a country with thousands islands and languages. Indonesia was cemented by combating communism after colonialism had surrendered and before ideology, it is the violence of communism that cemented the Indonesian army to combat the crimes from China.

I remember in the library of the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, I had ordered the consultation of photographies and the clerk brought me the wrong book. The photographies were showing the crimes from the communists who used to assassinate pregnant women, then open their stomach and let their foetus die next to them, the throat open. The war against communism in Indonesia was about as much ugly as the war in Cambodia and Vietnam, but Indonesia is the size of Europe and the Indonesian army, among them the Batak, have won a remarkable victory to keep China away.

Next to Indonesia, at eye sight on a clear day, you can see Australia and along Australia, the Pacific just next to the United-States. There is more concern being American about China than there is being French and I believe the French are in denial to see what is really going on.

France denies religions while the Batak being Christians had to do with their army, since the army that built the unity of Indonesia was mostly Batak. The Indonesian army had built a country where there are 5 major religions. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and “others”, among them animism. What is denied in Indonesia is atheism, because the deny of “God”, or some sort of “God”, is the deny that humans are connected to the Earth and though, the deny of some sort of responsibilities, while this deny is precisely what France and China have been plotting to establish a hierarchy and an economic power. Money is the moto of a plutocracy and money is their “Raison d’Etat”.

After the UNESCO had killed me as an author, I have continued writing but as explained already, that was at my own risks. After the tsunami of December 2004, I enrolled with a franco-australian non-profit to participate in the reconstruction of Sumatra. As soon as I arrived, I was asked by the CHF International to make the financial audit of the non-profit. Soon after the audit, the CHF International asked me to attend the UNDP shelters meetings and since I was speaking French, English and Indonesian, I translated the first popular construction guide ever made in Indonesia. This guide was providing information on the good practice to build earthquake resistant houses.

You don’t work in an emergency zone as a free zone. The Embassy of New Zealand drove me all around the city of Banda Aceh and they applied themselves for my visa, my work permit and my authorization to move freely in Aceh. I had a badge to go anywhere needed from the UN headquarters to the IDP camps and villages. The non-profit was providing me a UN car at the beginning and I found it very limiting for my audit investigations so I learnt to drive a motor bike with a fisherman and I was the first white woman to ever ride a bike without a scarf in Aceh.

In July 2005, the French Prime Minister sent Jean-Claude Mallet in Aceh to supervise the French cooperation. Jean-Claude Mallet came with a delegation such  Stéphanie Daniel-GencGilles Garachon and Annie Evrard. The French cooperation was renting the house of an Indonesian General in Jalan Prada Utama in Banda Aceh and Jean-Claude Mallet organized a cocktail in the house to meet with the French people who were in Banda Aceh. I was working as a volunteer with the CHF International, I was just coming back from a conference in Meulaboh and when I met Jean-Claude Mallet, I asked him why the French non-profits were not participating to the shelters meetings, why they were playing underground without the supervision from UN-OCHA, or the UN-DP and any other UN organizations. Jean-Claude Mallet snapped his fingers to call Gilles Garachon and he said: “we have to hire this girl otherwise, she will work for the Americans“. The next day, I received a SMS saying: “you work for the French Embassy” and minutes later, a black SUV came to empty my tent and my office. They brought me to the house of Fondation de France and since I was continuing to see the CHF International with my motor bike, they moved me to the French house on Jalan Prada Utama, far from the city and far from the CHF International.

It was a kidnapping. The French Embassy had abducted me and they forced me to work for them on the IDP camp of Cot Gue were a French NGO had created a turmoil. If I would not work for them, “life” they said “is only worth $100“. Few days later, I was attacked in the street and my brand new phone bought in Singapore was stolen with all my contact information. The next day, a student from the university of Banda Aceh was using the exact same phone during his meeting with the Fondation de France.

Powerless, I have done the job, but I have done it my way. I took a back pack and went to live on the IDP camp of Cot Gue. I brought food and drinks. The Imam took me under his protection and the protection of his family. To keep control on my work, the French Embassy sent Anne-Marie COQUELIN. She presented herself has a sociologist and the wife of a UN employee. The time she arrives in Banda Aceh, I had started my work and I had setup my methodology. I had also met with the Islamic group that controlled the camp. When Anne-Marie Coquelin arrived, I exposed my strategy and I brought her to the IDP camp in order to meet with the Islamic group. Both agreed to let me do my work.

I needed money for my work and the French Embassy refused to give me money but after hard negotiation, they would pay me $1200 as a “wage” (?!????!!!§§§*%@ !). I used this money to provide food, water and assistance to the camp. I brought the UNICEF International on the camp (see videos), then I organized a meeting with CARE International and the people. By involving the people in the process, I got them registered with the BRI and had weekly humanitarian assistance. I then started to collect the information requested by the French Embassy, but remember… they were living in the house of an Indonesian General and Aceh was at war. Two humanitarian workers had already been shot for providing food to IDP camps in the mountain and I could be next. Luckily, I know Indonesia and Indonesian people very well, so I escorted the police on the camp myself to deliver the money from the government and in return, the people escorted me in all my moves.

The French delegation of the AMM mission asked me to help with the peace process and every night, I was going in men coffee shops to write and translate the radio calls for the next day. I have involved people working in the main Mosque of Banda Aceh. I have involved book store clerks and religious leaders. At some point, the Sweden delegation of the AMM mission came with their own politicians on the camp. A woman, like me, without a scarf, came with national TV and guards to show that the road had become safe and that a dialogue with the people was open. Before her, the wife of the governor and a senator visited the camp following my articles in the press.

The French Embassy did not give me a chance to stay in Indonesia, and as soon as they had finished with their “sociological survey”, my visa came to expiration. I had to go back to France and despite trying and trying again to come back, I have never been able to return in Banda Aceh. One day, I was contacted by an independent journalist who was writing a book on the omerta of Aceh. From my work with the non-profit, the CHF International, the UN and the French Embassy, I have seen many things that were incoherent such the planting of trees with children funds on coastal reef where mangrove could not have grown. The investigation has led to many publications in national papers, but only to isolate me a little bit more.

France again is a secular country that has raised atheism at all levels of the nation while I have done my work on the foundation of trust and respect with people who had a religion. I respected them and they respected me and being a woman, I could work with Muslim women and children to a degree that no men could have done. Young French humanitarian men used to call me a “pimbêche” (stuck-up) for ridding my bike, two Indonesian flags planted on each side, driving without a scarf and going everywhere with my pass, jumping on the back of a police truck and opening the road for them, bringing food and drinks to displaced people and organizing tea parties with NGOs. I was speaking Indonesian and Aceh people made it easy to help them, to end this war, to rebuild houses and restart the economy, but the frustration from those French people tells exactly what makes them and me so different.

During my first travel in Indonesia, in 1992, I brought two books with me. Le Nabab by Irene Frain and L’Homme qui Devint Dieu by Gérald Messadié. While I have some doubts and questions, I am searching and during my journey, which is life, searching has been a purpose. I have been trying to look for the truth because I believe that this “matter of God”, is what makes me human, what opens my heart to other people and what opens their heart to me. I would never have been able to travel in Indonesia without a God, not all alone, not under a military dictatorship, not in cannibal lands, not in the biggest Muslim country of the world, not without a phone, without credit card and with so much expensive equipment on me. I have travelled like a pilgrim from one village to another and all along my travel, I was looking for the truth. Later, I patented new technologies for the truth to prove that primitive knowledge could be ingenious and new. I have come to the United-States for the truth too and with the same faith where I would close my eyes and walk straight with the belief in heart that God will open my way. In Indonesia, I have never eaten alone and everywhere, I had a home, food and security. Without God, those doors would have been closed.

Now a little bit deeper into the French mafia. After my humanitarian mission in Aceh, I have learnt so much about the people, the role of Muslim women in Aceh, their economy, their hopes. I had witnessed the reconstruction process, the deforestation of Sulawesi to build homes in Sumatra. Deforestation brought my memories back in the past when I saw a forest disappear in few days to finance the new roof on the Castle of Melle. It reminded me the hurricane in France that destroyed the forests and it reminded me the rainforest of Sumatra, all cut down and replaced with palm trees. In 2006, I already had witnessed so many destructions that I could not stand by and stay sit until a mafia would let me out. I opened my books and sketched new concepts. I wanted to prove that a primitive architecture could be a solution to modern climate change. I passed concourses and the first where I applied was ready to grant me a price if I would move to their city and create a company. I was not ready for that so I changed my strategy, my discourse and my plans.

In 2010, I had matured a very different approach where Indonesia had completely disappeared from my goals. I was presenting my innovations as a local solution to solve local deforestation. I organized a meeting with local organizations in Haute-Marne and they instantly saw the opportunities. They supported 18 months incubation for my work and they paid my Research and Development. I have studied forestry, the economy of forestry, I have organized tours and workshops in the forest, I have collaborated with sawmills and forest owners. I have become an influential person who would talk to the highest decision makers. The day my father died, I was in a meeting with engineers of the Critt-Bois, finalizing my patents. I registered my patents on June 29, 2012 and a couple weeks later, Christophe Ranchon-Ginoux would be hired by my company under the recommendation of Daniel Coudert, the President of the Institut de la Charpente et de la Construction Bois in Angers.

My company was a startup but attached to my house, I had two very large wood workshops with two additional story. All I needed was “triphasé” electricity to connect my machines and start my activities. EDF refused to connect my machines while I already had signed contracts from my clients. I decided to rent an external workshop where my machines would have access to electricity. From one advertisement in the local papers, I met Mr Michel who recommended to contact his neighbor and ask to rent his building. I met with Pierre Rossignol to only discover later, after I entered in contract with him, that he was a former “homme de main” of the Foccart Networks, that he had known very closely the father of Christophe Ranchon-Ginoux and that both men were connected. Pierre Rossignol had been the Director of the airport of Conakry in Guinée and the father of Christophe Ranchon-Ginoux had been the chef of the airport. Two men that worked in concert to sabotage my company and my innovations.

Pierre Rossignol was a small 92 old man when I met him in 2012. He was made prisoner in Guinée in 1960 following a coup by the Foccart Networks and after he returned to France in 1962, he created a truck company to convoy oil with the Middle East. He used to pretend to be a pharmacian. He owned a very large house connected to 27 km cave and a large building for his trucks. I rented the building and he brought me many times to visit his caves which accordingly to his says, he wanted to sell to me. While visiting the cave, he would talk of the people who were killed inside, gun shots, graves, squeletons behind the walls and he would show me the impacts. Once he said, “don’t be surprised if you find bones in the building, we moved earth from the cemetery” and “the 2CV n°5 of Citroen is buried behind the building, don’t be surprised if you find it“. Another time while cleaning his former office, I found two passport and gave them to him. “Oh, this is probably someone we eliminated” he said. Once, he brought me to the cave under his house where he had plot to kidnap Sekou Touré. Inside the room was a safe and inside the safe, gold, papers and a box full of bottles with white powder (poison). “This is how we finished the Americans after the war” he said. He put two bottles in his pocket and said “there is one for me“.

Pierre Rossignol had convoyed oil for the company TOTAL who was formerly involved in the piracy of my work by the UNESCO. One day, I received a letter from Sitor Situmorang saying that he was given my book by one of his friend who was an employee of TOTAL and he was surprised to find that my name had been changed. During the first war in Iraq, France had lost the control of the roads with the Middle East and after the second war, they had lost the control of laundering money. Pierre Rossignol was in a mission when he met with me, and the mission was to bring me to commit suicide. With Christophe Ranchon-Ginoux, they have destroyed everything of my business. The mafia has done the rest to destroy my life.

Several times I filed complaints with the police and was brought to meet with Christophe Sauvion who was then representing the intelligence branch of the DIRRECTE for strategic metals. He is now working with the “direction générale de l’armement“…. those who build the submarines. The DIRRECTE is an intelligence service to spy on French companies and verify their compliance to the “Ordre Nouveau”. Remember: nationalism, hierarchy, control.

France has been colluding with China since at least 1995 when Jacques Chirac and Jacques Foccart came in charge of the Elysée. Jean-Pierre Raffarin was brought in as a Minister, then a Prime Minister and the architect of the intelligence reforms along with Alain Juillet. The DIRRECTE is one consequence of those reforms. Geneviève Domenach-Chich, former ambassador of the UNESCO in China, was desperate about her political career and she was easy to corrupt because she had ambition for herself and for her children. With a company such TOTAL looking for new markets and a country such China to open them up, money sometimes is not enough because everything works with the trust and mafias build their trust by killing. I was one of the collateral victims of the Belt and Roads between France and China and precisely because I had worked in Indonesia, was developing innovations and was bringing my innovations into a plan for forestry. What probably stopped them from actually killing me was the media coverage of the assassination of Yann Piat and my connection to a General of the French Army, but they tried to suicide me in many ways and since July 1995, they have turned my life into chaos. My friend, the General, died on January 17, 2013, not very long after my father.

China, was only one piece of the puzzle and looking into their interest for forestry, I discovered DALKIA and the connection with Daniel Coudert, the man who introduced the mafia guy in my company. DALKIA embezzled public money by inflating the amount of its contracts. This money was reinvested in the purchase of wood far below their real value, leaving municipalities and forest owners destitute. Daniel Coudert was a middleman to buy wood below its real value and rob the owners not once, but on supply contracts of 10 years and more. Among the forest owners who have lost money with DALKIA, we find pension funds, many of which are Americans.

My innovations were intended to increase the value of wood in order to preserve the forest and the jobs that relay on the forest, but my innovations were exposing DALKIA to lose a fruitful market where forest owners are stuck with China to sell quality wood under the market value. Dalkia was buying second quality woods for the price of firewood about 10 to 20 times below its value. With my innovations, I was increasing the price of wood in order to combat deforestation and stop the evasion of capital on forestry. France, as an “Ordre Nouveau” with China, orchestrated the killing of my innovations and my company. I barely survived by escaping from France.

What do forestry and rare earth have in common? The soils that is rich, that usually belongs to a country and that needs to be made accessible. Indonesian soil is particularly rich because of the volcanos, because of the islands, because of the continental submarine plains and because of the rainforest. This soil belongs to a country made of thousands tribes who were united into a country in 1945. The island of Java almost consistently had the leadership and Indonesia reflects with the Borobudur’s thousand bells, as one and united. The Batak people, from North Sumatra, have long be generals and colonels in the Indonesian army and they participated with their government, to keep the sovereignty of Indonesia.

What keeps a country united can be fragile when there are 5 religions, thousands languages and so many tribes, but Indonesian people have been moved by an ideal that goes far back in history when Buddhism cemented Indonesia with a weight and measure system. Before, the land was inhabited with pirates and people were conflicting over trade, marriage and ownership. China has played different roles over history. They were merchants, monks and coolies, a very cheap labor available in cities to sustain the economy. They used to live in diasporas and when the modern economy settled, those diasporas have grown into wealthy communities. Chinese have been in Indonesia for as long as Indonesia does exist, but along with other communities such Muslim Indians and Hinduists Indians. After WWII, the Indonesian army has kept the people at peace with white travelers and since the revolution of 1998, white businesses are back in Indonesia.

Indonesian people have a very soft and cheerful temper, but they can be hard also. In the 90s, all people I used to know who travelled in Batak land had been violently hurt while I never had any problem, but I was an ethnographer and as a woman, I positioned myself more like a mother. I was caring, I was curious, I was participating, people used to say that I was courageous, and other than the Batak name given to me, people used to call me grandma. I think that for them, I represented something new because I was not trying to impose my culture, but was willing to learn theirs and if they would question about me, I would answer.

I think that over the years, something has been built in Indonesia that I would call respect to different cultures and different interpretations of religion. Islam in Indonesia was the first monotheist religion and it has brought to the society the dimension of the world from where other monotheist religions travelled. Monotheism has built a relationship of the people with God, the belief that a universal order does exist, without a hierarchy among human and with a fair justice. Also there are local monarchies in Indonesia, their role is not exactly what we would call a hierarchy. Their role is a patrimony to preserve an ancestry and the ownership on a land. Monarchies belong to this Abrahamique tradition where the land is inherited from the father. In Indonesia, we find patriarchal and matriarchal lineage, but both are from a born children related to a parent. What makes a land is the family lineage.

When Chinese people travel in Africa, they say “we are the same family“. By this they mean that they have been colonized and they would have the brotherhood of coolies. This is gang’s clan where one member of the gang tries to dominate the other and especially because China has a very aggressive game in various places of the world. Their game is the Go game. It sounds like a music, it is very energic and there is not really a winner, but the game is about grabbing the land of the others, circling their territories and suffocating them by strangulation.

This is what China is doing in South East Asia and the game of France is not innocent having emancipated the Foccart networks who were the vital product of Petain’s “Ordre Nouveau”. France was and still be a colonial country who is playing the Go game with proxy China. France needs to sell luxury products, armament and nuclear plants. China is growing rich to fulfil the partnership, but at the expense of other countries who are going to pay the bills for them. Indonesia is one of them.

The United-States were the first and only country to offer a fair market on the oil with Saudi Arabia and having worked with the CHF International, I believe that the United-States do not have the power to develop a fair market in South East Asia, but they have the will. The power is in the hands of the people as long as China or European countries don’t come to pressure and intimidate them.

If you came there to this point, you have read my story and you know more about the French mafia, how it took the government and how it is killing. I want this story to be known because our time is counted down to the reality of a very urgent global warming that needs to be addressed and solved. It won’t be solved without forestry. It won’t be solved either without mining companies to cooperate the challenge.

Mining companies, even in the United-States, are very old fashioned. They work today as they used to work 500 years ago and because they are vital, no one really dares to challenge. Another industry which is vital in the US is the meat industry, but an autistic woman challenged it with her innovations and my point is this, it will take a new set of brain to think the world anew. We cannot think today as we used to think before, we have to open our imagination to accept different points of view, and I personally believe that autistic people have a sensitivity that can match with a computer to develop Artificial Intelligence on forestry and on mining.

When I escaped persecution from France, I arrived in the US with a poster, aiming at defining a plan to assist mining companies into the preservation of the environment and I developed my poster with a larger plan to convert Las Vegas into a mega methane plant that would turn gas into electricity and electricity into money. I made a plan also to protect the rainforest from the exploitation of temperate forest and the rainforest being protected, we can work with Artificial Intelligence to convert the soil into mining, softly, gently, while protecting the environment. I came in the United-States with hope, and what I mean by that, is that bringing innovation into our communities, there are ways to solve our problems.

There is a race over time, over nuclear power, over many things but I would like the people to think wise and see that there is no problem we cannot solve. It is because we are brilliant, imaginative and persistant that we can bring people in our dream that a better world does exist, and this dream is our power, this promise to the world is our power.

Thank you for having taken the time to read my story and God Bless America.

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Post scriptum:

BRANQUIGNOLS: Now remember this word when you see French people and ask them what they think of the “branquignols” in their government. If they don’t see what you mean, please, give them this card, they’ll probably learn something.

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