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Cartoons are back“, that’s how I officially made the announcement for the creation of this website. There is no need to say again what I already said on Patreon, except that I welcome you here. This website will progressively grow as I develop the story and I plan on making one drawing a day. The initial idea was to draw with black Indian ink on a pink moleskine note book, and make this notebook a unique piece of art. I will stick with the idea and progressively develop those drawings. For some of them, I might use OpenToonz to convert my drawings into a series of small animated episodes.

My drawings are inspired by official documents that I use in order to develop my argument that France is being ruled by a political mafia. The more I investigate and the more I structure my story, but the more I find proves and the more it becomes stressful because I cannot just observe in silence. It is like hearing some noise in the middle of the night, pointing the nose at the window and seeing someone being robed or killed. What do you do? Calling the police? Finding clues? Maybe both. The mind is overwhelmed with a sense of emergency and at the same time, you wonder about yourself and your security.

I know that silence is not a way of protection, I know that living in fears is not a way of living, I know also that survival has only a sense if it means to find freedom in being what I was, and what I am and still be. I cannot hide now while being free only to stay silent, because freedom had a sense. It came with a price, but it came also with a reward and as any victim, I expect the truth. I want to hear some day by a judge that my story is a true story and I want the public to understand what I mean by that, why coming from France, I made the choice to come in the United-States and why despite the struggle, I will try to stay.

Since I was a kid, cartoons have been a way to express my emotions, to summarize a full idea with one simple drawing. I am not very good at drawing cartoons, I have never tried the adventure of making a comic book, but I can stick with a routine at spending a time everyday to tell and to draw a story. I have done it in the past and I am planning to do it now because of a Senate document that I found last week. This document is titled “Rapport d’information fait au nom de la commission des affaires étrangères, de la défense et des forces armées sur l’industrie de défense dans l’œil du cyclone.” (Briefing report made on behalf of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and the Armed Forces on the defense industry in the Eye of the Storm.) This is indeed a very funny document and my cartoons will explain why. I am planning to illustrate this document in order to question the validity of its content.

Rather than translating the full Senate document, then explaining the context and the consequences, small drawings will make this document short in relation to other data that I found on the French Defense website. Little by little, I will develop the plot of a story to explain how the French industry of armament has taken over other industries, how the French army has developed a propaganda of ultra militarization, how this propaganda is using fears and threats, how it is racketing the public, how it is making the profits of only 45 French companies, how again, political propaganda is hiding collusion with China, and how Chinese communist ideologies are quickly taking the control of Europe. Lastly, I will explain how Chinese communism has infiltrated the French army with false ideas and propaganda and how the French army, being tighten to an ultra militarization industry, has become an enemy of France.

With my drawings, I want the people to think about the consequences of an omerta on armament, and especially the system. Ultra militarization does not happen over night and it does not happen with one political party. There is a mechanism that triggered the system and while rolling and running smooth, the mafia found a seat, then a full train. Over time, they have learnt to run the train faster and to optimize their costs. They talk like a small business to only hide that the train is now rolling over dead bodies.

In the menu of this website, you will find a dictionary of terms, acronyms and expressions in French with their translation in English. I also use some insults from Arab such “dawa” (brothel), “sbelliz” (penis) and “wjah zabi” (dick head) to highlight the links (and the differences) between communism and Islam. Those terms designate respectively a “country”, a “scepter” and a “person” in the cartoons to describe the people behind the BITD industry. The acronym BITD stands for “Base industrielle et technologique de défense” (Defense industrial and technological base). The T and the D make it sounds like “bite” what in French means “DICK” and while I had reached the page 24 of the Senate document, I found it really hard to deny that the army, or the politics, or both, may have had some degree of deliberate intension in finding a name such BITD. Page 21 and 22 about exportations, sexual connotations are all over each phrase and escalate into a narrative where the two authors of the document lost it. We can imagine the hilarity in office where sexual connotations disrupt the focus and hide the real purpose of this industry.

Women have been at the head of the Defense Ministry for the first time in 2002 when Michèle Alliot-Marie took office from 2002 to 2005 and the term BITD emerges in Ecodef, n° 66 of January 2014 when Jean-Yves Le Drian was in office. Two women have succeeded to Le Drian since 2017. The idea of cartooning came with the feeling page 22 that using a strong word such BITD in 2020 may have had some significance when women had to discuss of the industry of armament, its budgets and its goals with an assembly of men. In the industrial context of 2014, when Jean-Yves Le Drian was in office, the BIDT could really have only meant small. I created the character Ptitebitd as a translation of “small dick” and in reference to the industrial and political context of the Senate document. Of course, French politicians will gravitate around Ptitebitd and give some consistance to the story.

I have spent a day reading the Senate document and I have laughed out loud all day because the two authors are sliding down the slope of the BITD, making this document a real piece of French “literature”. It does not say much about armament, but it tells more about the French psychology and I wanted to make it a point, that France is a country with an industry of prostitution, with a Moulin Rouge and a place Clichy, with French cancan and Crazy Horse, and areas of France where women do not have a voice. France was ruled by Napoleon who imposed a civil code that was inspired from sharia, women being a furniture deprived of rights and existence. By naming an industry DICK (or BITD), French men have their own way to govern. They remove a women voice and it shall raise our concern about the purpose of this omerta, what really they are meaning to hide.

Drawings are an illustration, but they are also a way to script an idea. What I expect from this journey into drawing the French politics is first to make myself clear and understandable, then to grow my portfolio with a new series of drawings and maybe to draft my first movie storyboard. I am going to be rude, I am going to offense people but I will try to stay in the very limit where humor withstands the trouble. My purpose is to blink the light on some parts of darkness and show France as I have seen it while living over there, in different parts of France, and after I moved away.

With my drawings, I want to over pass the degree of perception to analyse deeply and deeply understand what led me to leave France for good. This is a justification that I owe to myself in order to recover and close this page. Humor is also a way to avoid any more question, put a smile over a drama and if readers want to know, then they can know, but I will not have to explain again. Cartoons make me laugh with sarcasm and when I close the page, I can laugh with joy. This is my goal right now, finding joy, over all.

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