Letter to the Generals of France

This letter is written in a context where French Generals and military personnels have already written three letters published in National newspapers. You can read those letters here:

It is very unusual for military officers to express a public opinion, and I wanted to post those letters because obviously, they don’t have a full knowledge of the situation. It already happened that a high ranking military officer resigned because of a reduction of budget, but it never happened that officers wrote letters to the president via the press. This translates a certain misunderstanding of the context. Still, what they say about security and the risk of a civil war is true, but I don’t believe that they have analyzed the historical and political context.

To better understand my letter, I am posting here a series of videos that show the climate of France. I was born after May 68. The revolution was behind and the climate of the society was mostly structured over trust for the police and for the army. In the 80s or even the 90s, somebody could have been arrested for insulting the police. Nowadays, the police is regularly targeted with insults and violence. Many suburbs have become a no mans land for the police, for the fire department, for doctors, for many administrative functions. The youth has taken control of full districts that can no longer be secured.

Immigration has become like a shepherd who brings the people one side or the other and since the second half of the 90s, all politics have used immigration to influence the votes. Right and left have raised a common front against the extremes and Emmanuel Macron made a synthesis with his party, a left wing that he calls republican. Seen from the US, it can only look odd.

In 2019, France entered a new phase of its history and while it was at the brink of a revolution, covid-19 miraculously stopped everything. While all the world is now looking at China, I do personally believe that we shall not minimize the role of France in this crisis. There was a revolution, then a sanitary crisis, then a country left with debt. France was already desperate about debt before the covid-19 crisis, and it can only be worse after, but France has concessions in Africa and this is precisely what China wants. I recommend you to read the report from IRSEM.

After ERAMET, as described in “Les Branquignols“, China can now buy anything from France and precisely because the presidential elections are ahead. Other predatory countries such Russia may want to jump into the opportunity of buying France and its various ressources in France and abroad. Consequently, France has become a danger for itself, and for other countries around the world who believe in democracies.

I made a second playlist which is the voice of the gendarmes (a rural police that belongs to the army) and their observations are quite stunning, showing how bad the situation as become.

Ladies, Gentlemen,

France has arrived at a moment in its history when the people, the rulers and the army are at a loss of values. Of course, it is the poorest and most deprived who pay in the face of an army that no longer protects them.

France suffers the successive vendetta of its monarchists, its aristocrats, its industrial bourgeoisie, its bankers, its oil and gas merchants. And then there are the politicians, sometimes incompetent or too corrupt.

I grew up in a country that I once admired and now I feel the threat in this country where the cities divide into clans and neighborhood gangs, poor and rich, sometimes. The ultra rich are in the countryside, well protected from the torments they inflict on the rest of the population.

I want to share my story with you, despite the danger of blood feuds and threats. I would like to invite you to think about the future of France other than a battlefield. There are of course the politicians and there are the people with their media and their social networks, but as you say in your letters, and I believe it, France is very close to a civil war.

The French army today has a responsibility all the greater as its industry threatens to plunge the world into an escalation of violence whose authoritarianism that would follow would no longer represent the real France, that of the heart, that which the world love and admire.

I left France and will not come back, but from afar I see you and I am not proud of France in the making. This country has betrayed all promises, its youth, its elders, its active force, and this country has become belligerent. Its army forgot its mission.

I left France and will not come back. I wanted to tell you because once, when I was young, I supported your French army. I paid the price for it. The price of your rivalries, one France against the other which takes the innocent hostage.

I have no hatred, but I no longer have patience and I have changed sides. I believe in peace and in a better world. I have struck off the bellicose from my life because there are other ways than an army rising up against its own country.

You write letters without the courage that should have been had long before and that hosts you all the medals won in the henhouse.



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