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From 6:11PM yesterday to 7.23PM today, the server went down. My IP was blocked by the server and you would wonder, who, why, etc…

Who ever does not really matter. I was writing the workplan and just finished the chapter “Drowning the Fish“. The server went down when trying to download the two ECODEF documents. Those are public documents, as much as the Senate document n°605. This is public information for which I am only giving a lecture, and obviously, some people did not like it. On my website, those documents are only accessible with a subscription, what means that it is unlikely that anyone will ever read them, except maybe, US secret services.

I opened a new blog on blogger as a rescue website:

If anything happens to me, my cat, my car, my home, my friends, my family, my garden, my server, or anything that belongs to me or my close ones, I’ll post on other public platforms and make sure to have more readers, way more readers.

I will continue to develop the workplan, but in the meantime, when the server was down, many questions raised in my mind and I feel like an hostage were some “figures” really don’t like me talking of the situation of the French industry. It makes me wonder who really does profit from the collapse of France, who is behind the pyramid scheme of France, who is manipulating this French mafia. This is insane.

I really wish I could have come to the United-States, have a job, made my life and forget about the past. It did not happen. I am not writing here to make a point, for revenge or for political manipulation. I am writing here to make the profile of the people who have harmed and persecuted me for 25 years. I call those people a mafia and I want to demonstrate that it is exactly what they are. I will not stop searching and analyzing as long as I am threatened.

I don’t make political cartoons as a hobby, or for pleasure, or for having fun. It does not provide me any fun at all. Making cartoons give me nightmares, but it is the only language I know to make myself understandable. I prefer to draw flowers, do some modelling and paint on my fabrics. I really feel loosing my time when making cartoons but I have a court hearing coming, and I don’t want to lose it. So if cartoons make it easier to be clear, then cartoons it is, and it is without joy.

I hate the people behind all this, and believe me, I am not a person of hate. It is hard to bring me to this feeling, but thinking that those behind all this just have fun at starving people to get more rich makes me sick. They want to give lessons, while all they do resonates like failures. Global warming, extinction of species, wars, poverty and this disastrously French industry. I wish I could be wrong when talking about them and I wish I would not need to make cartoons.

Just now, I live in a “no man’s land”. I am pending asylum, I could be deported, I cannot live in France and life in the US has been tuff, really tuff. I don’t know where to go if I would be deported, I just hope they would not send me to Mexico, they would not kill my cat or put her in a shelter, they would not steal my writings, my work, my books. I live in the middle of nowhere and I have not any certainty except that some people are playing politics. I don’t want to be an hostage. I don’t want to be treated like a piece of furniture. I don’t want to be exchanged like a slave and I wish all that would have never happened.

Now, I will continue writing, and the more they take from me, the more I am going to draw, even if I have to paint their face with my own shit, I will. I would have more viewers on any streets of Los Angeles than the web. So, if they don’t like my files, protected behind a membership subscription, I can also send them for free by email to the ICIJ or some other reporters. Some people would pay for my cartoons. And by the way, some of my cartoons are already in the Invalid Museum of Paris, so starting somewhere, they shall remove my cartoons from the Museum because I never gave the authorization for the French army to exhibit my work. After everything they took from me, they don’t deserve to have a bit of anything left from my work.

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