Last night, I had a dream and I am not even sure if it was a dream. I usually don’t dream or I have this wonderful gift of not remembering any dream since summer 2018. Last night, I woke up briefly in the middle of the night, I told myself “croyance” and felt asleep again. I felt this word as a way to translate faith, but as if God would say “crois en moi”, “trust in me”.

In my previous post, I talked about the Rothschild and maybe the implication of Judaism with Bolshevism and communism with Marx. I have been working in my home, staging few things and homeworks are always a moment to meditate. It’s like gardening. I take some distance and I debrief my writing. I was a parachutist and this is something I have kept from parachutisme which is to brief, to jump and to debrief, and the debriefing process would bring me to dream of my next jump and perfect my jump the day after. Home works are to me like a recipe to calm, to find serenity, then to sleep better. Again, I don’t have nightmares since Summer 2018 and in the morning, a good day usually starts with ideas. My idea this morning was “croyance”.

I wanted to write about Judaism and I though about it yesterday and to be honest, my soul was not at rest. On Sunday, while I was gardening, I met with some of my neighbors. A guy from Israel was talking with an American woman originally from Germany. They were both talking about Biden and his law about immigration. He said he had a project to buy a land in Panama and she said she was building a house in Florida. I was caught in their conversation while going to trash a broken light bulb and English children were circling around us with electrical vehicles while screaming and making noise with their engines. At some point, I felt that all the problems of the world were just here, around me, like a tornado, circling, screaming, laughing crazy almost irrationally and making jokes about the life of people. I felt so sad after this experience that I decided to not apply for the immigration lottery. A Swiss neighbor recommended me to apply to the diversity lottery, “just in case” and while I was already hesitant, I finished the day on Sunday with a “no, I am not going to gamble with my life, I am here for reasons, I am asking for justice”. I know that the immigration process is difficult but my status resides in a simple question, maybe philosophical, but simple. If the immigration is not able to answer this question, then it is not a jocker with a lottery that is going to answer. I need peace in my mind. I cannot reside in doubts and I believe that life, my life, is worse the risk to ask the question. At some point, my question is no more personal, it is a universal question.

My dream yesterday was more or less a torment, something I have been trying to express and for which I could not find the words. I blog about religion since about 2017 after a freemason asked me to prepare a presentation about my work on geometry. He needed a seamstress to stich some buttons on his costume and while sewing, I was explaining my philosophy on geometry. A funny situation that led me to reopen my binder with my drawings, extract some of them, then simplify them to lecture for an audience. I had never talked about it. I bought a $1 compass and I had in a box some marble paper waiting for a project. I made one drawing and that was it, I was on geometry again. This is the PowerPoint I made before opening a new blog to explain the geometry in the context of religious architecture. In facts, as I was writing, it became a blog about sexuality and how gender and sexuality were instrumentalised in religion.

After the last post when I mentioned the role of the Rothschilds during the industrial evolution, many things came in my mind:


To go back in history with the mosaics of Ravenna. The way I see it, Theodora may have represented both Egypt and Israel, as a daughter of Akhenaton, the great priest who may have been Moses in the Jewish Bible. Justinian represents the European aristocracy, the Greco-Roman heritage. The dowry of Theodora represents the status of the woman who comes with a noble heritage. It also represents the female lineage of the Jewish tradition. In this representation, finance and power are married and the religious architecture with the dome, the verticality and the separation of the worlds between the visible and the invisible, represent a system of laws where the state belongs to the visible world while God is behind the curtains, in the oculus of the dome, symbolized as justice from the soul of the lamb. It is the whole ancestry of humanity represented with the verticality of two worlds. The people is not represented on the mosaics but the system of the laws suggest a responsibility of the state toward the people. The representation of Isaac is the people, it is all the people, the whole humanity as defined with the symbolic of the father toward his son. The mosaics also represent the transition from a matriarcal system to a patriarchal one that we find again in the representation of the “last sacrifice”.


Judaism is a form of aristocracy with blood lineage and traditions but as you may find on Youtube with the lectures of many Rabbis, Judaism is not a religion. Many Rabbis also say that Judaism is the strength to not fade in the society, so not being a religion, it cannot be diluted into various cultures and traditions. A man can convert to Judaism to marry a Jewish woman, but a goy cannot convert just for the belief, at least not any more, and this is my second point. Christianism emerged after the conversion of Roman soldiers into Judaism and Christianism was created as an alternative. Modern day Jews are very reluctant to see other religions emerge on their roots or merge as a culture on their ancient traditions.


The death of Jesus is called the last sacrifice and it coincides with the epoch of the destruction of the second Jerusalem temple. Rather we believe that Jesus existed of not, we know from certainty that the juridical system evolved, taxes evolved, citizenship evolved with the emergence of Christianity and the mosaics of Ravenna symbolize the “last sacrifice” as the end of a matriarcal system to merge with a patriarchal ancestry. The Greco-Roman tradition gained from marrying with the Israelo-Egyptian one and the Israelo-Egyptian one gained from marrying the Greco-Roman one. This would symbolize the union of the Northern and Southern sides of the Mediterranean sea, the sea of all trades. This representation of political resolutions through marriage passed into the aristocratic tradition that created Europe as a unity of nations.


Judaism existed behind the curtains and revolutions, the death of an aristocracy, the emergence of industries and industrial oligarchies have maintained the Jews in their former financial role with the clergy, the state and the army. In this relative instability between the state, the oligarchy, the clergy and the army, finance has taken more power.

When I started this post, I mentioned my dream. The way I remember it, there was a man, almost a carricature with blue eyes and a black hat. He was talking to a small assembly and the way he explained history he said that communism stole the labor from the farms to send in industries because without an ideology, people would not have left the farms, they would not have left the countryside to pile up in manufactures and cities. Farmers would have not evolved into large organizations and without shortage of labor, they would have not industrialized. The same way, Nazism has moved Jewish people out of their comfort zone to play roles in the way the world is organized. They came in America, they moved cities, made new alliances and took new roles. The whole thing has become the New Order.

I woke up there with the word “croyance” and my thought was to say that with more “religion”, in the sense that the state is not only the body to punish but is also the body to be punished, the faith in God, as a universal geometry of balance, would give sense to the human life. In this sense, I discuss the legitimacy of a state to be the judge when God has been removed from its system of law and without the capacity of judgement, there is no justice, if no justice, there is no state and if no state, the people have the capacity to organize themselves and define a New Order where the visible and the invisible recover their verticality.

The state, the clergy, the army and finance have no authority without God because the universe resides in physics, in logics, in numbers, weights and measures, ratios, equations, things that happen and that result from acts to which global industrialization is a human thing which necessarily results in responsibilities and in consequences that state and finance need to face like parents have to face their own mistakes when the foundations of a house collapse.

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