Why the United-States ?

I discovered a Youtube Channel recently called Thinkerview which I really, really like. I wanted to comment several videos. I started the draft of several posts and got too emotional. At the same time, I am working on 3 different art projects and really much prefer doing my things while the weather is still warm. I’ll probably finish my posts later but two days ago, I watched the interview of General Vincent Desportes what made me really mad, he represents to me a sample of the French decline, why France was put in the hands of the oligarques. Today I watched the interview of the father of Julian Assange and of course, this subject is sensitive to me because he is seeking asylum in France while I precisely fled away from France.

Of course, I am completely aware of torture in the United-States and the role of the CIA or the US army on civilians. I know what we see in the news. I know also of the very close ties between the US and the United-Kingdom and the role of the United-Kingdom in world finance. I don’t ignore either the role of the Catholic church in world finance. I mean, I can put a long list of things with which I would disagree and talking with American people, I know that many of them would too disagree and precisely, knowing all this, many people asked me often why I have chosen to come in the United-States. Well, I will try to expose my approach so that other people will be able to look around them and weight what reasonably can help understand.

The United-States was not a choice per say, it did not represent an ideal and I am not expecting the United-States as an ideal because I know that an ideal does not really exist, and in fact, the 4 first years in the United-States were quite traumatizing because nothing was as I would have expected. I think that I came in the US because I though that it would be easy. I also though that I would have something to bring to the US, my vision, my innovations, my understanding of forestry. I though that I could do in the US what I could not do in France which I wrote in the “Manifeste pour la filière bois”. On December 26, 1999, while France was destroyed by a huge tornado, I have quit smoking and I used the money to buy my first multimedia computer with a color screen, a scanner and a printer. While I had been pirated in France, while my teacher had died, while I was ostracized, my career gone, and all sorts of trouble non-stop, I have learnt HTML, Photoshop and video edition. Online, I met a community of people who broke my isolation and they were Americans, people who had made the internet and who were still developing it. My community was virtual, but it was enough to give me hope.

Later in 2003, I supported the war in Iraq because I was against the oil for food program. I was against nations stealing a people of its only resource because of one man and his government. It was not only the Iraqi government, it was also the way France and the Foccart networks permitted that to happen and how France militarized Iraq to support its own French military industry. I was against Chirac selling the Osirak nuclear program to Saddam, I was against France participating in the genocide of Iraqi farmers and I was against Europe continuing to be colonial while the United-States had opened a new way to see the world in Saudi Arabia. I have used my self taught knowledge with HTML to blog and it was the very beginning of blogging when US soldiers blogged too. I supported US troops, I sent toys to Iraqi children and at some point, I was not only against several things, but my mind switched to become “for” supporting US troops as I would support my own brothers, my own family.

Everything that happened to me in France following 2003 only reinforced this sentiment that at some point, I had to put my vision somewhere. The United-States were imperfect, what Julian Assange has tried to demonstrate with Wikileaks, but in a European environment that was really imperfect too and I do believe that it is easier to talk about the truth in the United-States than it is in France. The tools to find the truth were in the US, Youtube, Podcasts, Google cloud, all those things that would make possible to secure my archives, to write, to talk, to keep track of my history, my thoughts, my ideas, my pictures, and the FBI could access it, at some point I knew that the law would know about it, that my disappearance would raise questions and participate in writing this history of France where a French scientist, the only specialist of Sumatra, maybe the only woman to ever write a book about carpentry, the only woman to have patents on carpentry, the only French influencer to have put together numbers on forestry and compute ideas to save an industry, this young French girl who was a patriot had died from French military bullets. I trusted the CIA to find who fired the bullets. I trusted the CIA to see how important it is that France has become a mafia. I trusted the United-States to wonder, just like me, who was this friend that sits among the nations. I trusted them to worry and to realize how dangerous France has become for its people, for Europe and for the world.

Julian Assange could really much apply for asylum in France and it is an hypocrisy from France to deny him asylum. He has chosen one vision which consists in saying that the United-States are evil while he victimized France. This is not what I call the truth because he only wants to see one side of the Ocean, just like General Vincent Desportes whose egocentrism blindfold the reality. My discourse and my vision are different. I don’t support torture, but I say that drug cartels are passing the Southern border of the United-States, many of them are connected to terrorism and at some points, the United-States have used a message just like France using Julian Assange as a message. As long as he is jailed, the United-States continue to be the devil for the young ignorant classes, the United-Kingdom continues to be the devil breaking the law edicted by ignorant masses and at no cost to France who wants to be the victim.

My vision is to say that colonialism is over, that the “Ecole de Guerre”, “Saint Cyr”, “l’Ecole de Guerre Economique” (which by the way is a private school who wants to play war, not a national school with a reasonable vision), have an erroneous perception of the world. My vision is to say that French pseudo-colonialism brings mafias in power and I am against mafias. If those guys are spied by the CIA I am OK with it, because those guys kill, traffic, lie, enslave, torture, manipulate and at the same time, wearing the mask of the innocent victim, they want to sit on strategic tables where the fate of the world and the people is at stake. Fuck the French government. Mitterrand, Chirac, Juillet, Raffarin, Holland, Sarkozy, Macron are the cause of the problem if the economy collapses, if industries have closed, if foreign investors do not want to come back, if Chinese do better, if a lot of developing countries do better. At least, they are developing while France is just the other way.

France would be exemplary, there would not be any contradiction between the acts and the human rights, the politics and its ultra-militarization, maybe I would hear what Julian Assange had to say but I do not agree with the anti-American vision that he supported, this short sighted vision on the world out of geopolitical and historical context. I hear the words of his father, saying that he is being “tortured”, but he is not even close to what torture really is, how weapons in the hands of cartels, terrorists, mafias can kill. The United-States have been stolen information and they apply the regulations as any other case being stolen information. Julian Assange is only tortured by the countries that he helped by revealing the information and who leave him now exposed to a juridical system after taking the time to expose and to victimize.

French politicians have a very good knowledge of masses psychology, how the masses think, how they feel, how they get emotional and France is using this for its own interest. Of course, there is a very big question at stake, is France a friend or not of the United-States and while France plays with China, it agitates the Julian Assange flag, but this is a philosophical question rather it is the United-States or France who are responsible for Julian Assange being now in a United-Kingdom prison.

In my opinion, the real question at stake is the kind of humanity we want. In 2015, when I arrived in the United-States, I was still blogging and I wrote a Chronology of events:

October 7th, 3761 BC – First day of the Hebraic calendar, the creation of the world.

3150 BC – 2850 BC – First Egyptian dynasty

2540 BC – Construction of the Cheops pyramid

2104 BC – Noe’s Arch

1395 BC – Birth of Aaron

1392 BC – Birth of Moise

1312 BC – Israeli people exit from Egypt

1272 BC – Death of Moise

1200 BC – Birth of Israel

560 BC – Birth of Buddha

550 – 486 BC – Darius of Persia

356 – 323 BC – Alexander the Great

27 BC – Beginning of the Roman empire

000 – Birth of Jesus

476 – End of the Roman empire

570 – Birth of Mahomet

636 – 638 – Israel is taken by Omeyyades then Abbassides

1090 – First use of the marine compass

1096 – 1099 – First crusade decided by Urbain II, in France, Clermont Ferrand

1099 – 1260 – Crusaders, mostly “francs” govern Israel

1260 – Israel is taken by Mamelouks

1453 – Fall of Constantinople to the Turkish Ottoman Empire

1492 – Christopher Colombus discover America

1776 – Independance of the United-States

1789 – French Revolution

October 27th, 1790 – France adopts a decimal system

March 19th, 1791 – The Meter is created

1793 – The National Convention adopted the proposal of the meter

1798 – 1801 – French campaign in Egypt and Syria to undermine Britain’s access to India

1798 – Mamelouks soldiers enter the French Army

March 21th, 1804 – Creation of the French civil code, also called the “Napoleonic Code”

1855 – 1901 – Development of the oil industry

1875 – Signing of the international Metre Convention

July 2nd, 1890 – Sherman Anti-trust Act

September 27th, 1908 – First Ford T made in Detroit

October 15th, 1914 – Clayton Anti-trust Act

1914 – 1918 – First World War

1927 – Balfour Declaration

1939 – 1945 – World War II

October 24th, 1945 – Creation of the United Nations

November 29th, 1947 – Plan of partition of Palestine

May 14th, 1948 – Independence declaration of Israel

May 15th, 1948 – Arab countries declare the war to Israel

September 14th, 1960 – Creation of OPEC

1967 – De Gaulle supports Arab countries against Israel

1967 РCreation of ASFA in France (Association de Solidarit̩ Franco-Arabe)

1971 – Nationalization of oil production from Algeria and Saudi Arabia

1974 – Jacques Chirac calls Saddam Hussein “un ami personnel”

1976 – France sells Osirak to Iraq, a civil nuclear experimental program

September 1980 – Beginning of Iran – Iraq war

1985 РCreation of association des Amiti̩s Franco-Irakiennes (AFI)

March 16th, 1988 – Halabja chemical attack

August 1988 – End of the Iran – Iraq war

1990 – Iraq invades Koweit

September 11th, 1990 – U.S. President George H. W. Bush sums up the reasons to go on war against Saddam Hussein

1991 – First war in Iraq, also called the “Gulf War”

May 7 th, 1995 – Jacques Chirac becomes the President of France

July 11th 1995 – Terrorist attack in Paris

September 9th, 2001 – Ahmad Shah Massoud was killed by two journalists

September 11th, 2001 – World Trade Center attacked by terrorists

September 21th, 2001 – Terrorist attack in Toulouse, France

May 2002 – Presidential elections, Jacques Chirac becomes President with the votes from the left

March 19th, 2003 – Second War in Iraq

2004 – Creation of Al Jazeera, France restores its relationship with Iraq

2007 – Nicolas Sarkozy becomes the president of France

December 17th, 2010 – The Jasmin revolution

March 19th, 2011 – Harmattan operation

May 6th, 2012 РFran̤ois Holland becomes president

April, 2013 – ISIL starts conflics in Iraq

January 7th, 2015 – Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack

I could have continued the chronology from 2015 until now, but is it really necessary to understand that France, the United-States and the United-Kingdom have a conflict over the Middle East and particularly over Israel. Is it necessary to explain the role of France in the cold war between the triangulation and USSR. France established a relation of Master/Slave with Arab countries which was also the position of the United-Kingdom when they participated in the creation of Israel. The United-States had different interests because of oil and they changed the rules by establishing a partnership for the development of Saudi Arabia. Without the United-States, the Middle East would still be poor and under-developed. I remember a conversation with Jean-Philippe Lauer, he saw the Middle East before and after the creation of Israel and he saw the “formidable” development, “modernity coming to those countries”. It took a vision to modernize “those countries”, the belief that they were people.

Back to the chronology, is it necessary to explain the cold war and the role of Commandant Massoud in Afghanistan and then the two September 11th, in 1990 and in 2001. Having been targeted myself by the vendetta of Total, Bouygues, Dalkia, Areva and some others making money in Iraq, I can only question the coincidence that opposed the vision of the United-States with the vision of France. Shall I recall that oil was an American technology just like peaceful nuclear energy was.

In the chronology, I could have mentioned the role of France in the genocides of Iraq, and the many interrogations that the world may have toward France, Communism, Pétainisme, Gaullism, Chiraquism, Foccart networks in Africa, Raffarin mafias in China, Alain Juillet mafias in Russia, et cetera, not mentioning the French mafias in Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Grenoble, Bordeaux, Le Havre, Toulouse, and small “no man’s lands” in suburbs. The chronology cannot say everything about France but I remember in 1995 reading a book about “contrats à termes” and how it influences finance on raw materials, the author used a formula about France that was telling the whole ideology “la France, cette terre bénie des Dieux“, this old monarchic vision of the world where France plays “Mamie Nova” with a Jew on a cross. It is not a slight symbol to have chosen crucifixion.

The de-industrialization of France is a phenomenon I have witnessed through the friend of a friend, engineer with Renault who used to trade cars with India against cloths. All exported cars were not paid in money but in shirts and Renault opened its own workshops underground Paris to tag the French labels on Indian manufactured shirts. At the same time, French fashion manufactures closed because of the unfair competition against them, with the approval of the French government. France traded nuclear against forest, electricity against fish, submarines against batteries, work against German tools. France never had a vision. It only made deals like a mafia, trading goods with corrupted governments that left the population in famine.

I know that the United-States were first a colony and that indigenous tribes have lost territories, but unfortunately, this was evolution and in this phase of evolution, the United-States have made the choice to create reservations and to support indigenous people with grants. Some of them have declined and some of them became prosperous while keeping their singularities and their culture. I also know that many other indigenous people from South America would rather have preferred to be colonized in the United-States than by gangs and mafias. This reminds me a discussion I had with friends in Sumatra, Indonesia, about the course of history. The question is not about being colonized, we all know that soon or later, it would have happened. The question is about who. Same with the government, the question is not about having a government, the question is about who, who is in power, who is in charge, who makes the law, who renders the law, who makes business, who can make business, who pays taxes, who does not pay taxes, who owns the land, who does not own the land, who has a voice, who does not have a voice. Life is short and in my short experience of France, the question was no more about being free, but feeling free.

The case of Julian Assange is obviously a very difficult one on every side of the Atlantic because he finds himself in the middle of a cold war far beyond Russia and the United-States and there is something about him, his personality, his communication, the star system around him with Xavier Dupont-Moretti which his father really well describes but in a context where France only plays dolls, or the “green mouse” as they say. At the end, it is always “A green mouse running in the grass, I catch him by the tail, I show it to these gentlemen, These gentlemen tell me…” lalala.

Me too, one day, I trusted France, writing to the French soldiers, supporting the French army, until a French president bought his presidential campaign with a vendetta. The little girl was then hang high to show those soldiers that the party was finished, that the government had changed hands, that the friend of Saddam Hussein was in charge of France and that he was going to master his game by killing innocents. As said an Israeli Prime Minister, at some point, a choice is not the best choice but it is the less worse one, and something I know from living in the United-States is that laws can be changed, that things can be perfected, that history still can be made when men and women are willing to build peace and harmony around them.

I have loved France and I am from the Loire Valley, it was easy to love France, but I have seen France decline in a kind of violence where I don’t recognize my country. I did not have to choose rather or not to leave France, I only made the choice to survive and I left behind the bellicose warlike country to find peace and security. Many things still be unsolved but at least I can write, I can paint and I can still try to influence local politics and film makers, I am free to try understand, analyse, educate, propose, question, develop my ideas, oppose, argument, take a stand, go in neighborhood meetings, write to the president, even write to the FBI or the CIA. Rather or not I am American, I am free to participate in the life of this nation and I don’t know how long I’ll be free, but as long as I hear France biased with lies to victimize its mafia, I’ll be there to tell my part of the truth.

I know the cost of war. I watched it in my family, I witnessed it by blogging, my best friend was a General. I have seen the cost of war on the field when I worked in Aceh, the weight of water on tectonic plates, the devastation, the death, orphans, widows, I worked with them. I have worked for the AMM mission, bringing peace when weapons want to shout. I could hear the guns firing at night from my tent, I have seen the fears in the eyes of men. I have witnessed hunger, illnesses, epidemies long before covid-19. I battled for water, food and schools. I have battled also for respect, for freedom, for recognition, little things that make people exist. I know also who were my friends to provide me with visas, working passes and cards. Who introduced me to a bigger world, who saw me for the person I am, despite my gender, despite my history and despite my sufferance. Who gave me a chance and who supported me, who encouraged me and gave me confidence. Who saw my vision and who knew that I was harmless. I did not steal, I did not hack, I did not compromise. I was no more dangerous than a farmer or a seamstress in a French manufacture. I was just in the wrong place in France, a country that is no more a country with a government that is no more a government and a mafia in power.

Did the Catholic Church prevent the printing press from developing by destroying the Gutenberg presses? No, so I will continue writing, drawing and blogging. I find here this virtue of allowing God in my life, the way I want to see it, the way I want to believe in it, the way I want to translate and testify. For me, it’s a whole thing that belongs to Justice, this faith that I have in my heart. May God bless America.

For those who do not know Thinkerview, here are my favorite videos:

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